A Few Words About Us:

  • Shanghai-BMF is a consulting company dedicated to provide platforms for distribution, both import and export projects. Shanghai-BMF provides a global network of collaborators to target strategic markets.

  • Shanghai-BMF differentiators are found in our main goal which is to always provide effective assistance, valuable business modeling and intelligent advice. The success of our company is not only satisfying our client’s demands, it is developing long term business relationships based on trust and mutual cooperation; having as a key goal our customer’s growth.

Our Mission

Is to manage every project in China and worldwide with an outstanding communication flow and assistance; Creating new business opportunities through strategic alliances to provide the maximum benefits to our customers.

Our Vision

Make our consulting company a successful reference of doing business in China, creating methodologies for a global network of synergies

Strategic Location Advantages

Our strategic locations give us significant benefits to provide our customer’s optimal results by having presence in the main cities, growing markets and relevant finance centers in the world.

Key Region Strengths



Our head quarters are located in Shanghai which allows us to be part of the dynamic and very fast growing economy that provides one of the biggest networks of industries and services in the world. Shanghai has become a major Trading Port, the largest Business Center and Financial services leader.


Hong Kong

Our presence in Hong Kong gives us access to one of the worlds leading international financial centers, characterized by low or non taxation and free trade policies. Hong Kong has been one of the busiest container sea ports and air cargo hubs in the world for the last decades.



Our business center in Europe brings personalized business plans for the European region projects; doing business with European countries allows us to be part of the best management practices, high quality standards, regulatory compliance and environmental protection policies.


Latin America

The opportunities in the Latin American markets are one of our main geographical strengths. We are a company with the cultural knowledge and regional understanding necessary to develop strong business relationships between Latin American companties and Chinese business partners.



As some of the founders of the company are Mexicans we have strong relationship with the Mexican market and mexican authorities. Our company is officialy established in Mexico so we can provide end to end business solutions in both ways import and export proyects.

Our Company


Shanghai BMF was established in 2011 by four founders with a common goal. The company has been created thanks to the well trusted relationships and expanded networking relationships of the founders. The infrastructure, the members of Shanghai BMF and all our strategic alliances allowed Shanghai BMF to grow fast in experience and in the number of customers.

Our strength has been the believing of “when an opportunity appears, we are ready to challenge it and be successful”. Shanghai BMF is a consulting company who is founded to follow the philosophy, the tools, the creativity and the innovation of a world class company, but most importantly the trust and confidence of each person associated with us.

Our History

  • Shanghai-BMF founders arrive to China to get the expertise of the Chinese business culture.

  • First projects experiences of trade from China to Mexico and Latin America.

  • Shanghai-BMF was formally founded in Shanghai. Beginning of operations in Hong Kong and First Chinese Company being represented in Latin America.

  • First Mexican company being represented in China with “Shanghai-BMF integrated services”.Shanghai-BMF moves to a new office in Shanghai.

  • Shanghai-BMF starts serving new segments such as: medical, Industrial, IT services and food industry.

  • Shanghai-BMF Business Consulting Company was oficially established in Mexico.

Our People:

China - Shanghai


CEO & Founder

Salvador Tamayo (Spanish, English, Mandarin, French, & German)

CFO & Co-Founder

Xavier Ortega (Spanish, English & Mandarin)

Marketing Consultant

Victor Chi Sun (Mandarin, Spanish & English)

European Region


COO & Co-Founder

Aurelie de Sousa (French, Portuguese, Spanish, & English)

Latin America - Hong Kong


COO México - Hong Kong & Cofounder

Ricardo Martinez (Spanish & English)

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